Active Living Loan Pool

The Active Living Centre is a loan pool of accessible recreation equipment that can be borrowed by families and professionals for three weeks at a time.


The goal of the Active Living Centre is to promote active living and healthy lifestyles by providing access to adapted recreation equipment. The Active Living Centre has a variety of equipment that families can borrow to help their child be more active. Available equipment includes: adapted and specialized bikes and trikes, beach wheelchairs, skating and sledge equipment, Chill-Out chairs, swim equipment, cooking equipment, balls, games, and more! The Active Living Centre is part of the LIFE Program, and is funded by the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation.

Operated by COTM Provisional OT – LIFE Program Co-Coordinator and the Family Resource Coordinator.

Recreation equipment loans are open to all families and professionals connected to The Rehabilitation Centre for Children. Some items may require a physiotherapy or occupational therapy recommendation. Connect with us to learn more.

Contact Information

Anyone can sign up for a SSCY Family Resource Centre borrowing card, which grants access to all of the loan collections, including books, toys, specialized recreational equipment and AAC adapted books. Come by the Family Resource Centre to fill out a borrowing form. Resources can also be mailed to clients who live outside of Winnipeg.

The Family Resource Centre is located on the first floor of SSCY, on the west side of the main lobby. Library hours can vary, you may wish to call ahead to book an appointment or confirm current hours.  Generally, you may drop in between 10AM and 4:30PM, Mondays and Wednesdays to Fridays. The Family Resource Coordinator is available to help with any questions you might have; they can be reached at (431) 276-9972 or