Building Circles

Building Circles of Support is a free 8-week educational FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) information program for parents, caregivers, other family members, and professionals who support children and youth recently seen or diagnosed at the Manitoba FASD Centre.


The Building Circles of Support program is offered once a year in Winnipeg and once a year to multiple locations in the province virtually or via Telehealth. This program provides insights into FASD characteristics for families and caregivers of newly diagnosed children or individuals seeking to learn more about FASD. Participants are encouraged to attend the entire eight-week program as there is a different topic is discussed each week.

Topics typically include:

  • What does it mean that a child has FASD?
  • How will FASD affect their behaviour, school performance, and social interactions?
  • How can caregivers help others understand their child’s disability?
  • How can caregivers help children understand their disability?
  • How can caregivers help children develop their strengths?

The Building Circles of Support program is supported by the Manitoba FASD Centre and the Manitoba FASD Network. The sessions are facilitated by a clinician with the Manitoba FASD Centre.

Contact Information

If you require further information or wish to register, please register by calling (204) 258-6601.