Jordan’s Principle Services

RCC provides therapy services to all First Nations across Manitoba through Jordan’s Principle. RCC is committed to traveling to First Nation communities and providing services within the child’s community.

Elder/Knowledge Keeper

Knowledge keeper and Elder, Mary Wilson, supports children,  families and staff  through sharing teachings, ceremony, and providing wisdom and guidance for process and policy development.

Therapy Services

Working closely with the Jordan’s Principle team in First Nations, our Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech Language therapists (from Manitoba Possible) provide therapy services to children in all 63 First Nation communities from birth to school entry and for home needs of school aged children.

The service is consultative and collaborative and the therapists work together with the Jordan’s Principle team in community to:

 help children reach their full potential and increase participation in the community.

 set priorities based on available resources to ensure the needs of the children and community are met.

 provide assessment, education, training, and recommendations based on evidence and best practices to help support communities and build capacity.

 aim for ongoing communication regarding children’s needs and progress. Formal reports and recommendations by the therapists will be provided to the case managers and families.

 take a family-centered approach.

Outreach Clinics

Child Development Clinic and FASD clinics travel to First Nation communities to provide diagnostic clinic services to children and families through our Jordan’s Principle services.

Our Assistive Technology Clinic team travels to First Nation communities to provide support for children requiring adaptive equipment including bikes, supportive seats, wheelchairs and walkers.  For more information about our Assistive Technology click here.


Southern Chief’s Organization(SCO) Jordan’s Principle Coordinator

Located at SSCY Centre,  the SCO Jordan’s Principle Coordinator:

  • Serves as a culturally appropriate contact/liaison person
  • Provides navigation to appropriate programs, departments and/or agencies
  • Attends appointments and/or case conferencing with families on request
  • Provides a culturally safe drop-in and.or meeting space for First Nations Families
  • Collaborates with appropriate service providers and/or programs

Contact Information

Outreach Therapy Services
Phone: (204) 258-6720 or toll free: 1 (855) 884-8384
Fax: (204) 258-6795