Library & Loan Program / SSCY Family Resource Centre

The SSCY Family Resource Centre is an information and loan service that is offered to clients of the SSCY Centre, as well as families and service providers across the province. The goal is to provide access to resources that will inform and empower families of children with disabilities. These resources include information, books, toys, adapted recreational equipment, and adapted books.

book shelf and toys


The SSCY Family Resource Centre services are centered around the following core values, which underline their role as a family PLACE:

Children benefit from play at every stage of their development. The collection of toys and adapted recreation equipment provide an opportunity for children with disabilities to engage in play and try a wide variety of toys.

The materials support the ongoing development of literacy skills for children and families. The adapted book collection is specifically tailored to meet the developmental needs of children with delays in communication and speech.

Anyone can access the information services and loans provided by the SSCY Family Resource Centre, the team aims to deliver these services in the most convenient and effective way possible. When families are better-informed, they can make better decisions about their child’s health and well-being. Access to toys and recreational equipment  enriches the lives of children with disabilities without a financial burden on their families.

The SSCY Family Resource Centre fosters community by providing spaces and opportunities for families to connect with one another, both virtually and in-person.

The collection is selected and curated by the Family Resource Coordinator (who is a professional librarian!), and vetted by experts from across several service areas. Families can expect professional, compassionate and confidential help when they use our services.

Take-Out Toy Service (TOTS)

TOTS program provides a wide range of toys for loan, including simple toys (e.g. puzzles, stacking toys, blocks), musical instruments, and electronic toys. There is a growing collection of toys that have been specifically designed for children with disabilities, including activity centres, cause-and-effect toys, and switch-operated toys.

Many specialized toys for children with disabilities can be very expensive, so the loan program allows families to try different toys before deciding to purchase.

The TOTS program operates out of the SSCY Family Resource Centre.

Contact Information

For more information, please visit the pages for each of our loan programs. To contact the SSCY Family Resource Coordinator, send an email to or call/text (431) 276-9972.